2021 Campaign to Care and Share


Sharing God's Love In New Ways


Throughout this year, parishioners have and continue to generously support the on-going efforts at St. John's Outreach Ministries of sharing God's Love in new ways with our neighbors in need.  In an effort to minimize the spread of the COVID virus, our Outreach Office has temporarily partnered with Food and Shelter for Friends to administer our services.  Last month, we provided a summary of the assistance that helped an overwhelming 180 individuals with life changing support including the story of Katie who was able to remain in her home due to our parishioners' support.  Your donation to last year's annual Care & Share Campaign provided the funds that assisted these individuals.

2021 Campaign Goal - $6,000.00

Each year, St. John’s Outreach Office provides resources to our local friends who have experienced unfortunate and unforseen circumstances and have no other place to turn. These include underemployed families in poverty that are trying to make ends meet to avoid losing their homes, families that are trying to facilitate new opportunities to improve their situation through obtaining education or new jobs, and those that are homeless in Norman. Every person is unique with a different situation, but extending the grace and mercy that God calls us to give results in smiles, tears, and a renewed dignity and spirit. This year's goal remains the same as last year's  and will allow us to fulfill hundreds of requests for our neighbors in need. We prayerfully have set a goal of $6000 to support our annual operating budget of $10,000. Thank you for your generosity!

Our Care & Share Campaign funds support St. John's Outreach Ministries throughout the year.  In addition to our Outreach Office, for over a decade, St. John’s parishioners have delivered the joy of Christmas to over 100 school children, DHS homebound seniors, and those in medical nursing homes. We plan to return to our in-person Santa Ministry and Ringing the Bell activities.  We have also returned to quarterly Blood Drives and serving food at Food and Shelter for Friends. Check the Evangel for information.   

Multiple Ways to Give

This year's annual campaign offers new ways to share God's Love again with those recovering from the pandemic, experiencing homelessness, and searching for hope.  All funds for St. John’s Outreach Ministries are solely raised through your generous donations. You can give on-line through our website at https://onrealm.org/StJohnsEpiscopa87669/give/outreach, by designating your gift to Outreach, or donate cash or check in the church office.  

When we love our neighbors as we love ourselves, we help restore faith in those that have nowhere else to turn.

Thank you for prayerfully considering your gift to this year's campaign!   

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