Life Events

Life Events

At St. John’s we want to celebrate the joyful events in your life and offer comfort during the difficult ones. From our clergy, who are available to meet with you, to our staff members who are experts in planning and preparation, we are here to help and guide you in these events. Learn more about each offering below.


We at St. John’s understand one of the most difficult times in a person’s life is the passing of a loved one; the challenges, difficulties, and loss. During this time, let our staff help you organize and plan a memorial service while our clergy ministers assist you during this difficult and stressful period. No one should face this time alone, and we are here to assist you.  

Please review our Funeral Planning form created to assist family members in the planning or pre-planning of a memorial service or funeral of a loved one. You can also review suggested readings and hymns.

St. John’s encourages parishioners to pre-plan their funeral arrangements and service by reading through Planning for a Graceful Exit and filling out the Letter of Instructions and Funeral Planning Information. Your completed planning document can be kept on file at the Church. Other useful planning documents are included for use by anyone who wants to make their exit as graceful as possible.

Interment in our Columbarium

Individual and/or their family members often choose to be interred in the St. John’s columbarium as a final resting place. Our columbarium is located within our church walls and adjacent to the Nave.  You can learn more about our columbarium, and as well as review the application, which contains pricing.


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